Friday, November 7, 2008

Travelling Again

It seems like ever since we've been married we have been constantly travelling to one place or another... so... in keeping with the tradition, we will be headed out once again next week to Ohio for the Pioneer Outreach Convention in Walnut Creek. Of course, along the way we will get to at least get a peek at our family so that is always exciting! :0) We are looking forward to it though! However, when I think of packing us up once again I could groan... Oh well, that's life! LOL I know we will have a nice time and its actually going to be a "homecoming" of sorts for me in a way because one of my professors from college is one of the speakers! Rev. Jacob Martin is going to be speaking on how to grow your sunday school in this tough age. So I'm looking forward to hearing him since he was my absolute FAVORITE teacher in college... (I had many great teachers don't get me wrong, its just that he was my favorite... LOL) Anyhow, I'm sure it will be a good convention... so pray for us as we travel yet again the laborious 8 hours!!!

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